Functional Medicine

Functional Medicine Doctor Questions and Answers

Functional medicine determines how and why illness occurs and restores health by addressing the root causes of disease for each individual. Call us for more information or to request an appointment today! We are conveniently located at 701 FM 685, Ste 125 Pflugerville, TX 78660.

Functional Medicine Doctor Near Me in Pflugerville, TX
Functional Medicine Doctor Near Me in Pflugerville, TX

What does a functional medicine doctor do?

A functional medicine doctor will usually first seek to understand not just the health issue you’re dealing with, but the entire picture of your health history and life situation. We will consult with you about your illness and health journey thus far, your family history, and current lifestyle and will evaluate what treatments may have already been tried. An appropriate diagnostic plan will be started including basic and specialty labs orders, nutritional and supplementation recommendations. Our approach differs from traditional medicine in that we understand that there is not likely to be a pharmaceutical fix for everything that ails you.

What are the benefits of functional medicine?

Functional medicine has grown significantly in popularity for a reason. More and more, medical professionals are realizing the importance of treating the person as a whole, and that many health issues can have various causes, and vice versa. One of the main benefits of functional medicine is the holistic approach, which seeks to understand and treat you in a way that makes sense for your specific life situation.

Too often, health issues are addressed narrowly, the patient prescribed one treatment or pill, without the doctor having looked at the myriad of potential causes and unique approaches that might work better. Many people turn to functional medicine when they feel they have tried everything and are still struggling, or feel they have been dismissed by other healthcare practitioners. Since functional medicine is guided by the philosophy that the practitioner and the patient are and should be partners in the healing journey feeling understood and treated in the way that takes your whole history into account may be something that has been missing thus far in your journey toward good health.

How do I find a functional medicine practitioner?

If you’re curious about functional medicine but aren’t sure where to start, don’t hesitate to contact us today for more information. We’re more than happy to provide a consultation appointment for you, where we discuss the issues you’d like help with, and walk you through the functional medicine system and process.