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Common questions asked by patients: How much weight can you lose in a week on ideal protein? What is the ideal protein weight loss? Optimal Balance Center offers Ideal Protein for weight loss program in Pflugerville TX. Call us for more information or to request an appointment today! We are conveniently located at 701 FM 685, Ste 125 Pfkugerville, TX 78660.

Ideal Protein Weight Loss Program Near Me in Pflugerville, TX
Ideal Protein Near Me in Pflugerville, TX

What is Ideal protein?

Ideal Protein is a medically developed, science-based weight loss program that has brought successful, sustainable weight loss to thousands of clients from all walks of life. You may be familiar with the ketogenic or “keto” diet, which is a popular form of a low carbohydrate, high fat (or healthy fat) diet, and the Ideal Protein is also grounded in and built upon this principle.

Essentially, the Ideal Protein diet guides your body towards limiting your intake of carbohydrates, so that eventually, it will begin to rely on fat for its energy source, rather than carbohydrates or sugar. In place of carbohydrates, you consume a variety of delicious Ideal Protein food and several other fresh, lean, healthy meals and snacks you select at our clinic. This approach can not only lead to weight loss, but some research has shown that a low carbohydrate, high-fat diet can reduce or even eliminate certain chronic illnesses, such as type 2 diabetes. The Ideal Protein is a specific plan that helps guide you through this process. At Optimal Balance Center, we can provide and administer the Ideal Protein diet. Contact us today for more information.

What can Ideal Protein do for me?

The Ideal Protein plan can first and foremost help you lose weight, but this is not the only goal or intended outcome of the diet. Research has shown that a low carbohydrate, high fat (or healthy fat) diet can help diminish, manage, and in some cases even eliminate chronic health issues such as type 2 diabetes. The Ideal Protein diet can not only help you feel better physically, but it may be able to help you better manage your chronic health conditions over time. By eliminating or diminishing most sugars from your diet, you’ll adapt your body to crave and function on whole, healthy foods that will be beneficial to you for the long term.

What does a Medical Weight Loss doctor do?

In general, a Medical Weight Loss doctor can help you lose weight in a safe, medically supervised setting. There are so many weight loss products out there today, or plans advertised by people who are not healthcare practitioners, that it has become normalized for people to try and undergo weight loss plans on their own. The fact is, this usually results in short-term results that are not sustainable, if they work at all, and in the worst case, they can actually be harmful and damaging to your health.

With medical weight loss, you are working with a practitioner that knows you and your health history, can tailor a plan that works best for you, and supervise it to ensure you are doing it safely, at the right pace, and in a way that is most beneficial for you. At Optimal Balance Center, we have health professionals on our team that can design and oversee a medical weight loss program for you.

What is involved in medical weight loss?

In medical weight loss, a plan is designed that works best for you and your unique life situation, health history, as well as weight and health goals. A program should usually begin with a consultation with a healthcare professional, where they will evaluate your current health, your lifestyle, and any risk factors you may face in terms of undergoing a weight loss program. They will help educate you about the best, most effective plan for you, and help you adjust to the new foods and exercise requirements you may need. At Optimal Balance Center, we are able to provide and monitor medical weight loss programs, including the Ideal Protein diet. We serve patients from Pflugerville TX, Austin TX, Round Rock TX, Hutto TX, Georgetown TX, Cedar Park TX, Taylor TX and Manor TX.