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Low Testosterone Treatment

Low Testosterone Levels Treatment Specialist in Pflugerville, TX

Low testosterone can lead to a variety of symptoms in men such as reduced libido, erectile dysfunction, fatigue, mood changes, weight gain, decreased bone density, hot flashes and difficulty concentrating. Our compassionate professional, Dr. Kevin Fite at Optimal Balance Center is offering treatment for low levels of testosterone. For more information on our low testosterone treatments and how they can benefit you, contact us or request an appointment online. We are located at 701 FM 685, Ste 125 Pflugerville, TX 78660.

Low Testosterone Treatment Specialist Near Me in Pflugerville, TX
Low Testosterone Treatment Specialist Near Me in Pflugerville, TX

Table of Contents:

What is testosterone?
What are the symptoms of low testosterone?
What causes low testosterone levels?
How do you treat low testosterone?

Testosterone is a male sex hormone, otherwise known as androgen. It plays several important roles in the body, such as regulating sex drive (libido), fat distribution, bone mass, muscle mass, and strength. It also affects the production of red blood cells and sperm. Men with low testosterone levels may experience symptoms including reduced energy levels, less body hair growth, and sexual dysfunction.

What is testosterone?

Testosterone is an androgen (male sex hormone) found in humans, as well as in other animals. In men, the testicles primarily make testosterone. Women’s ovaries also make testosterone, although they produce it in significantly smaller amounts. The production of testosterone starts to markedly increase during puberty and begins to decline after around the age of 30.

Testosterone is most often associated with libido (sex drive) and plays a vital role in the production of sperm. It also affects bone and muscle mass, the method of fat storage and distribution, and even red blood cell production. Testosterone levels can also affect mood.

What are the symptoms of low testosterone?

The signs and symptoms of low testosterone include:

Reduced sex drive
Reduced erectile function
Loss of body hair
Less beard growth
Loss of lean muscle mass
Feeling very tired all the time (fatigue)
Obesity (being overweight)
Symptoms of depression

What causes low testosterone levels?

Low testosterone is known as hypogonadism, the underproduction of gonadal hormones. The two types of hypogonadism are primary and secondary. Primary hypogonadism refers to problems with the gonad’s ability to produce testosterone, whereas secondary hypogonadism refers to testosterone production problems originating from outside the gonads, such as the pituitary gland or hypothalamus. The causes of primary hypogonadism in men include:

Inherited Causes

 Under-active testes
 Undescended testicles, which is when the testicles fail to descend from the abdomen before birth
 Klinefelter’s syndrome is the condition in which a male is born with three sex chromosomes: X, X, and Y
 Hemochromatosis, as too much iron in the blood, can cause pituitary damage or testicular failure

Physical Causes

 Physical injury to the testicles
 Mumps orchitis
 Cancer treatment

The causes of secondary hypogonadism in men include:

 Pituitary disorders caused by drugs or kidney failure
 Kallmann syndrome, a condition connected to abnormal function of the hypothalamus
 Inflammatory diseases that can impact the pituitary gland and the hypothalamus, such as:

How do you treat low testosterone?

In many cases, the most effective way to treat low testosterone is by restoring the hormone to normal levels. This is known as testosterone replacement therapy.

Testosterone replacement therapy is available in several forms. All can improve testosterone levels:

Skin Patch (Transdermal) — Skin patches are worn on the arm or upper body and are applied once a day.

Gels — Testosterone is absorbed directly through the skin when you apply the gel once a day. Some gels also come in a pump that delivers the prescribed amount of testosterone. Other gels are applied inside the nose.

Mouth Patch — Tablet forms of testosterone replacement therapy are designed to stick to the upper gums above the incisor. They are applied twice a day and continuously release testosterone into the blood through the oral tissues.

Injections and Implants — Testosterone can be implanted as pellets in the soft tissues, as well as injected directly into the muscles. The body slowly absorbs the testosterone into the bloodstream.

If you are experiencing signs or symptoms of low testosterone, such as low libido, weight gain, and sexual dysfunction, come to Optimal Balance Center. Our kind and caring professionals can help restore your testosterone to its normal levels. Call us today or book an appointment online. We are located at 701 FM 685, Ste 125 Pflugerville, TX 78660. We serve patients from Pflugerville TX, Austin TX, Round Rock TX, Hutto TX, Georgetown TX, Cedar Park TX, Taylor TX, and Manor TX.