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Wellness Doctor

4 Questions to Ask Your Wellness Doctor

A wellness doctor will help your overall health and well-being. Talk to our team of healthcare professionals today about wellness and how it keeps you living a healthier life. Call us for more information or to request an appointment today! We are conveniently located at 701 FM 685, Ste 125 Pflugerville, TX 78660.

Wellness Doctor Near Me in Pflugerville, TX
Wellness Doctor Near Me in Pflugerville, TX

Table of Contents:

What does a wellness doctor do?
What does a wellness doctor visit include?
What are the different types of wellness programs?
What Wellness Services do you provide?

What does a wellness doctor do?

Back pain, headache, sinus pain, digestive problems, stress, anxiety, fatigue? All of these symptoms indicate something isn’t right, and when we don’t know the cause of the problem, we generalize by saying we are not feeling well. Then it’s off to the doctor we go, in hopes the underlying issue will be identified and fixed. However, with standard medical care, the go-to fix is commonly medicine. Pain is taken care of with painkillers, depression and anxiety is reduced with antidepressants, and if something isn’t working right, hopefully surgery can repair the damage. When our wellness is in question, common medical care is about making the symptoms of the problem go away, which is called symptom management. However, with this approach, the underlying root issue goes unresolved. The pain may be gone, but the problem that created the pain still exists.

Wellness isn’t simply defined as the absence of pain by treating symptoms. Wellness doctors work with their patients to learn the physiological cause of an illness or condition, then work to cultivate wellness by finding natural health solutions that encourage the body to heal itself. Overall wellness can be achieved when the whole body is functioning at its full capacity, and this is the approach a wellness doctor takes. 

The approach taken by wellness doctors differs from traditional medicine in their belief that masking a problem with pharmaceuticals will not fix the root cause of the problem, and that the cause can only be discovered by treating the person as a whole being.        

What does a wellness doctor visit include?

A physical examination will try to identify a particular physical problem, and work on fixing it, which commonly includes medications. A wellness doctor, on the other hand, considers the well-being of the whole patient, with a focus on what is working properly, how to support continued health and well-being, and discovering the root cause of what isn’t working optimally, and taking a whole-body approach to correcting it.

At an initial wellness visit, your doctor may complete a full health history to get a complete picture of your current health, lifestyle habits (diet, exercise, sleep schedule, alcohol, or recreational drug use), and any medications or treatments you are now taking, or have tried in the past. Your wellness doctor will work with you to create an appropriate diagnostic plan, order any lab tests that might be necessary, make any nutritional recommendations that might be necessary, as well as suggest possible lifestyle adjustments that will help to prevent future medical issues.

A patient and their wellness doctor are partners in a journey together, toward achieving optimal health and wellness, in all aspects of life.

What are the different types of wellness programs?

Wellness programs are designed to help increase our overall well-being in several key areas of life, which include:

Emotional wellness – managing emotions, self-image, emotional literacy.
Environmental wellness – lifestyle that respects the environment.
Intellectual wellness – critical thinking, mastering new skills, improving language skills.
Spiritual wellness – guiding principles, finding meaning and purpose, promoting kindness.  
Social wellness – satisfying, supportive relationships, group activities.
Physical wellness – exercise, nutrition, physical flexibility, lifestyle choices.  

What Wellness Services do you provide?

Achieving optimal health with the help of a wellness doctor might be the solution you’ve been looking for, especially if traditional medical practices haven’t delivered the long-term results you’ve needed, or the side effects from prescribed medications are causing more problems than they were meant to relieve.

At the Optimal Balance Center, our highly skilled and compassionate doctors, and wellness professionals, are proud to offer a wide range of services which include:

Functional medicine
Hormone replacement therapy (bioidentical hormone replacement for women)
Weight loss management (ideal protein, medical weight loss)
Body contouring (active body)
Thyroid optimization
Peptide Therapy
Adrenal fatigue Treatment
Chronic gastrointestinal disorders

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